Software for photo effects

I’ve released a while ago a free software for applying effects on photos: Pall Kris Photo Effects. I’ve created a video tutorial and posted quite a bit of info on the software page here:

I want to share a bit of info from behind the scenes. I’ve started working on this software 2-3 years ago and created it mainly for my personal use. I’ve noticed many people were using all sorts of words to describe what they want from their photos. I was receiving requests from clients like this:

  • Make my photo pop
  • Apply a social media look
  • Make the image look dreamy
  • I need a vintage look

These words can be translated into visuals in many ways, so this was my problem: what does the client needs? Most of the times I ended up doing a few variations of the same photo and asking the client to choose what is best for him.

So this is how it started and then I’ve kept adding more filters to make the photos more interesting and suitable more more than one purpose. After two months from release, the software was downloaded more than 1500 times. I was hoping to reach this number in two years, I’m happy people are using it. If you want to share an image here let me know in the comments how and where are you using Pall Kris Photo Effects.

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