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Photo editing services

Here are some of the most popular retouching & photo editing services:

  • lens correction
  • color correction
  • exposure & contrast tweaks
  • noise & sharpness tweaks
  • crop
  • advanced color grading
  • improve lighting
  • clean skin, reduce blemishes, remove pimples
  • smooth skin, even skin tones
  • airbrushing
  • make teeth whiter
  • remove or add shiness/highlights on skin
  • dodge&burn
  • remove double chin
  • body reshaping
  • remove or reduce shadows
  • remove or replace objects
  • change the background
  • photo restoration
  • fix clothing, remove creases
  • remove glare & reflections from eye glasses
  • Improve the overall shape of the hair.
  • Remove stray hairs and strands of hair around the head to avoid the messy look.
  • Remove stray hairs from face
  • match the editing style from another photo
  • high end retouching

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